The Cynthia Simmons Trio Live at The Tulsa Global Alliance Global Vision Awards Gala Tuesday October 29th, 2019

Tuesday October 29th is The Tulsa Global Alliance Global Vision Awards Gala! These awards recognize and honor an outstanding organization and an outstanding individual for significant and lasting contributions to citizen diplomacy, global understanding, world political stability, religious accord, international trade or cooperative efforts to solve health, social, or environmental challenges. This year’s theme is “Moon over Morocco”!


I am thrilled to have been chosen to perform at this incredible event joining me will be the marvelous Clark Gibson on keyboard and the fabulous Bassist Matt Hayes!

Get your tickets now to celebrate the accomplishments of these amazing Honorees and experience the incredible music of Cynthia Simmons Trio!

For more information and tickets click here:

See you at the Gala!

Cynthia Simmons Trio performance produced by the Taylor Entertainment Group.

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