The best laid plans… Oh, hello Fall!

The joys of Autumn. There’s a chill in the air, leaves are turning, the squirrels are running and gathering; and allergies and colds explode. I actually love Autumn. Fall is truly my favorite season, minus the persistent laryngitis that my allergies or an errant cold may bring. Laryngitis: a singer’s nightmare. You guessed it; I have it.That along with the addition of some other nasty ailments led to me cancelling my performance at Bodean Seafood last Sunday. I was sad to miss it, but the band played on! I know those fellas rocked it.

Since my best remedies to hasten the departure of my tormenting laryngitis have not been successful, to be kind to my voice (and my body) the Ella Fitzgerald Tribute scheduled for the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame on November 9 has been postponed for one week. That show will now happen on November 16. Words cannot express my gratitude toward the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame for being flexible with their schedule. I am truly looking forward to the Ella Fitzgerald Tribute. But let’s face facts, one does not sing Ella without a healthy voice!

So I look forward to seeing YOU on November 16 at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame at 5pm for the best Ella Tribute ever!

Stay jazzy!

A very quiet Cyn…

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