May: A Month of Celebrations & Jazz!

May is such a busy month! Mother’s Day, graduations, Memorial Day celebrations and I, of course, mix all of that with jazz!

I hope all of you had a lovely Mother’s Day. My Mother’s Day was spent with my mother and my children. I was with my family in Oklahoma City and we had a great time.



Then it was time for me to be a proud mom as I watched my beautiful daughter, and youngest child, graduate high school. It was one of the proudest moments I’ve had. She’s somewhere in this crowd shot.


grad 2014


Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy. I’ve also been singing. I’ve you have been keeping up you know I’ve been at some of my usual gigs. I’m happy to announce a new regular weekly gig.

Each Wednesday I’ll be with Mike Leland at Bluestone Steakhouse and Seafood at 101st and Sheridan bringing you live jazz! I’m very excited for this opportunity and look forward to seeing you each week. One Wednesday a month I’ll be still be at Main Street Tavern in Broken Arrow, so you can still can catch me there.  I’ve arranged for Angie Cockrell, who is an excellent vocalist, to sub for me at Bluestone on that Wednesday. This means you have an opportunity to see me every week!

Memorial Day is fast approaching. I want to take a moment to wish you a safe and happy holiday. I especially extend heartfelt thanks to all of the veterans of our country. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

As always, Stay Jazzy!




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