April showers bring Jazz flowers!


Happy April!  Spring is slowly coming around.  Okay, so it’s really slow coming; but I have faith that Spring is coming! After a busy March I’m springing into April. (No pun intended there!) Something new and exciting for April; I’m singing Tuesday April 8 in Rebecca Ungerman’s Tuneful Tuesday’s at Whole Food’s on Peoria. I’ll be joined by Randy Wimer on guitar and we’d LOVE to see you stop by between 6:30 and 8:30pm to listen to some good music.

On an equally fun note, I’d like YOUR input. I’m expanding my song list and I’d like to know what songs from the Great American Songbook YOU would like to hear.  You can respond in the comments here.  If it’s not a song from the Great American Songbook or a Classic Jazz tune, I’d still love to hear your suggestion.  You just might hear your suggestion at a show soon.

Of course I’d love to see you at every one of the events on the April schedule but if you can make it to just one that’s great too! Come up and say hello. Better yet, come give me a hug! (Yeah, I’m a hugger.)  As always, remember to check the Where’s Cyn Singing page to stay current with the month.  It’s amazing how fast the calendar can change.

Stay Jazzy!


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